Wallcare Putty

Birla White Wallcare PuttyBirla White Wallcare Putty is a white cement based putty. It provides a protective base for your expensive paints. It’s superior water resisting properties prevent the paint from flaking even if the walls are damp. It's used to fill fine pores in walls and ceilings, so you get the smooth, dry surface that's so essential for painting. Birla White Wallcare putty has better water-resistance, adhesive strength and durability than ordinary putties. Being cement based it has better compatibility with the base plaster and forms a durable base for paints. It can be applied on both, Interior and exterior walls. Making it a mini-revolution in putties!

Available in FINE & COARSE (MATT) finish.
Only international standard white cement based Putty in India with Water-resistant properties. (HDB-Singapore Standards)
Coarse Putty levels the wall surface.
Fine Putty provides a thin skim-coat, which acts as a protective base for expensive paint.

Packaging: Available in 5 & 20 Kg packs.


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